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Tremor felt in Cape Town after earthquake reported off SA’s coast


The City of Cape Town’s residents reportedly experienced tremors on Saturday night after, according to the US Geological Survey, a slight earthquake was felt in certain parts of the city.

The US Geological Survey issued an advisory on Saturday night, in which it warned to exercise caution in the coming hours “after a magnitude 6.2 offshore earthquake struck at approximately 19.10 (local time) on 26 September”.

A few hours after the advisory, several residents reported experiencing a tremors.

Ward Councillor Angus McKenzie also stated that he experienced a tremor at his house, which lasted for about 10 seconds.

News24 reached out to the City of Cape Town’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for confirmation.

Comment will be added once it is received. 

More to follow.

Compiled by Canny Maphanga


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