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Rotimi Bello: Donald Trump’s Arrogance of Power


By Rotimi Bello

Generations of U.S. citizens will be forever indebted to her founding fathers that consciously infused political levers (core principles) like checks and balances, separation of powers, free press, independent judiciary and supremacy of constitution among others to protect her democracy from likely tyrants like President Donald Trump who is power-drunk and who exhibits arrogance of power in all his public addresses and appearances.

One of the gifted American statesmen of this century, Senator James Williams Fulbright, eminently wrote in his famous book “Arrogance of Power”, which talks about America but literally refers to her leaders. He said that “those who lack self-assurance are also likely to lack magnanimity. It is a curiosity of human nature that lack of self-assurance seems to breed an exaggerated sense of power and mission”.

Stating further, he said: “when a nation is very powerful but lacking in self-confidence, it is likely to behave in a manner dangerous to itself and to others. Feeling the need to prove what is obvious to everyone else. It begins to confuse great power with unlimited power and great responsibility with total responsibility.

“It can admit of no error, it must win every argument, no matter how trivial”.

He caps up his pontification that “for lack of an appreciation of how truly powerful it is, the nation begins to lose wisdom and perspective and with them, the strength and understanding that it takes to be magnanimous to smaller and weaker nations”.

He concluded that “gradually but unmistakably America is showing signs of that arrogance of power which has afflicted, weakened and in some cases destroyed great nations in the past”.

In all senses, the above statements aptly explain Trump’s presidency and his tendencies. Not only that he debunked scientific exposition of climate change, but went as far as calling it a hoax. He attacked science and sidelined researchers and their findings by stalling funding through policymakers and most of his political appointees.

African countries were called “shithole countries”. The mainstream media were all tagged “fake news, fake media”. China was accused of “ripping of America” and he equally called COVID-19 “Chinese Virus”, even against international diplomatic ethics. He called American war heroes who died in war front “losers and suckers” that are not worthy of honour.

Several allegations of inappropriate utterances were credited to him. Sometimes if confronted by the press, he recanted his word or claimed to have been misquoted. All these obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) behaviour exhibited by President Trump have given the U.S a negative image in the global community.

Electing Donald Trump as the 45th U.S president was not only great political risk and miscalculation committed by the GOP (Grand Old Party), an acronym for U.S Republican Party, but also an historical blunder by the electorates whose decisions a few years back has resulted in the present nationwide health crisis, social anxiety, economic slowdown, racial profiling, political disorientation and leadership atrophy for people of all political leanings.

The U.S never had it so rough until now. The Donald Trump presidency is analogous to a case of a prancing bird that has perched on a rope; neither the bird nor the rope shall be convenient until the bird flies out. This invariably means that President Trump must be carefully guided out of the “White House” through the popular decision in order not to upset the applecart.

Prior to the emergence of Trump as the president, the U.S has always been a model template to measure perfect democracy with all its embedded institutions of checks and balances that make manipulation difficult; but Trump’s body language, according to CNN, “is eroding trust in the electoral system”, most especially his stance to block additional funding for the United States Postal Service (USPS) on election issues base on his preference and opposition for the mail-in vote system that is widely accepted as a better alternative to minimize COVID19 pandemic. Rather, he sees USPS as a natural threat to his presidency, crippling it and sending it to the graveyard..

President Trump is an addict twitterer who often gratifies in maligning his opponent by using uncomplimentary and acerbic remarks to criminalize them. Sexism and birtherism are now the weapons he unleashes against Senator Kamala Harris, the Democrat running mate. A similar accusation of birtherism was leveled against President Barack Obama that he was not a natural-born U.S. citizen; therefore, he was ineligible to be president. President Trump has ridiculed the POTUS office to the extent that people have seen and perceived him as an object of ridicule and disdain and not a man that worths their respect in any form. The world leaders have long ceased to look up to America for leadership as a result of the irrational decisions and unpresidential remarks emanating from the the-so-called most powerful country in the world.

This is the first time in the history of the U.S political system that a seating president will be accused of making myriads of false or misleading statements, but still unregretfully persisting in churning out caustic remarks about nations, peoples, groups, organizations and even regions. Therefore, the November election is a rare opportunity to rewrite U.S history by electing reasonable leader who will lead the world positively or else retain the poltroon tyrant whose antics and dispositions is inimical to the core principles of American democratic values.

Rotimi S. Bello wrote this piece from Abuja and could be reached via


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