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Rich Chocolate Cake – smooth indulgence bite after bite


Smooth, decadent and luxurious. That is the best way to describe this magnificent, three-storey, rich chocolate cake. It is velvet-smooth, drizzled with melted dark chocolate and coated with soft chocolate ganache. This will definitely satisfy that chocolate craving most of us have from time to time.

When cooking, butter is oftentimes a good or even better option to use than oil. But when baking a cake, it is always better to use oil as it makes the cake really moist! In the unlikely event that you are running low on oil in the kitchen, you can consider using full cream or double cream yoghurt as that also makes a cake moist.

Using ganache instead of buttercream frosting will ensure the rich chocolate cake remains soft and fresh. Buttercream has a tendency to become hardened after being exposed to air for a while.  But ganache will always remain moist, soft and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

So, for the next birthday occasion, surprise your family and friends with this rich chocolate cake. Just a friendly warning: no one may believe that it is a homemade chocolate cake!

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