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Plot twist: Andile Lungisa snubs bail


Andile Lungisa was granted R10 000 bail on Friday morning. After moaning about prison conditions last week, the politician seemed certain to walk free for at least a temporary period of time. But, as we should all know with the infamous councillor, things just simply aren’t straight forward when he’s involved…

Why is Andile Lungisa staying in prison

Andile Lungisa’s brother has confirmed that the ANC firebrand will remain behind bars, as per his own free will. Lungisa has apparently made the decision to stay in prison for the foreseeable future, despite being granted his leave to appeal.

Ayongezwa Lungisa spoke to the media earlier, revealing this his brother is ‘committed to finishing programmes’ he started in prison. Whether this a slick PR exercise to enhance his character, or just a genuine act of altruism, remains open for interpretation.

Bail or jail? Andile’s brother explains the situation

“Andile wants to finish the programmes he was starting in prison. He has committed, and this is not part of admitting that the courts are correct. He wants to do away with a few myths that surround his case.”

“Andile Lungisa a law abiding citizen. He has programmes he wants to see through, and once they’re done, he will come and see his family. This is a question of character. He is one of the people, like most South Africans, who follow and stick to the law.”

Ayongezwa Lungisa


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