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Nigerians don’t need new Electricity tariff, Petrol Price hike


Archbishop Emeritus, His Eminence John Onaiyekan has asked the federal government to reverse the latest increment in the price of petrol and new electricity tariff.

He made this known on Sunday during the First General Assembly of Abuja Archdiocese at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria, Pro-Cathedral. The cleric said that the increase in fuel price and electricity will cause more Nigerians to suffer.

Onaiyekan noted that the timing of the increment in the price of fuel and electricity was wrong, adding that most Nigerians are just recovering from the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. The cleric added that the increment did not come with a boost in the average income of citizens.

He said: “Mr. President, in the same breath, was telling us he was going to do all he can to make life easier for Nigerians and one of the things he can do is those increases.

“Let the Federal Government put the fuel price increase and electricity tariff increase in a wider context. We wouldn’t complain about the fuel price increase if the salaries are also increased.

“The problem comes when you leave the people with nothing to eat. I don’t think the government is supposed to be doing that. They should find a way to make life liveable for Nigerians.”


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