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Milk Tart Mousse – A South African favourite with a twist


Milk tart is a true South African favourite dessert. It’s usually in the form of a tart, but let’s kick it up a notch with some sweet white chocolate mousse. Best served as a fancy dessert for your guests. Our Milk Tart Mousse will make you feel like a master chef in under an hour.

This treat is a texture powerhouse with smooth and creamy milk tart and topped with light & tasty white chocolate mousse and crunchy or fruity topping. Prep time is quick and easy, giving you time to get ready with the rest of your dinner party plans while it cools in the fridge. Enriched with cream and white chocolate, topped with chocolate sprinkles or even fresh fruit. This Milk Tart Mousse dessert is very special and can be served as individual portions in your best glassware.

Enjoy this tasty treat with your family or friends and chat about the first time you tried milk tart. Was yours part of Sunday Lunch too?

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