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How can e-commerce affect the retail industry?


There was a time when we used to take a time out specifically for shopping. This was done because we have to purchase our product after checking out several retail outlets. There have been times when after an entire day of shopping we are still not satisfied with the products we have purchased. Unfortunately, there was no other choice for us to make.

This approach affected had a huge impact on our lifestyles:

  • It could be only covered if you can have a day off from your office.
  • It could cost you a lot of time and still not give you your desired product.
  • It could cost you a lot more when you add travel and food expenses as well.
  • It could be even more problematic if the stores are filled with other customers.

So, things do get very challenging when we are purchasing from retail outlets. But, now things have changed. People now do not have to take a special time out for shopping. They can do it on the move with their shop right at their fingertips. The impact of the eCommerce stores has been huge and it will continue to rule the market now, all thanks to COVID-19!

The Rise Of Ecommerce Industry

Presently the eCommerce industry is lying in good space. But, when it started, there were many questions raised about the approach of the entire business. There were several questions raised like:

  • How will the customers acknowledge the product?
  • What is the security of the delivery service?
  • How protected is the payment gateway?
  • Is the customer’s data safe and secure?
  • And many more!

All these questions were answered slowly and steadily. Now customers have complete faith when it comes to making their purchase online. Several online platforms are helping customers make their purchases from remote locations. The products are just the way it has been described in the page.

So, things have become convenient for all of us around the world. Now we have the power to open the shop whenever we want too through different online platforms. We can purchase with a few clicks and get the product delivered in a matter of a few days.

The Impact Of Ecommerce Business On The Retail Sector

The rise of eCommerce business made things convenient for customers but things do become challenging for the retail industry. Yes, the impact was quite visible and slowly it kept on getting worse. All this is because of the convenience it brings into play. One just cannot blame the eCommerce industry for the retail downfall. Yes, you can say the convenience was the factor. Who wouldn’t like to save money and time and get the desired product delivered to their place? This only became possible with the help of the eCommerce industry.

To make it more clear, we are here discuss the effects of eCommerce services on retail outlets, check it out:

1. Clarity

Brand loyalty plays a huge role in convincing customers to make a purchase. Earlier when we did not have any option, we would have to purchase what the shopkeeper used to share. The only source of guidance could be relatives or family members. But, now we have the entire world on our fingertips. Now we are not dependent on shopkeepers or any other source of guidance. We can now compare the brands online and find the best one out of it with ease. We have so many attributes and filters available.

So, when a customer goes to purchase now, they are completely clear about which brand they need to choose. Things have become completely clear. This can affect retail companies as they might not be able to match the expectations of the buyers.

2. Feedbacks

Another major difference comes in the form of online reviews. When you purchase from a retail outlet, you will not have the experience of other customers put into the display. You will have shopkeepers who will be going the distance to make your purchase of the product. And, you will have to buy it with no other option available. You will have no clarity on how good the product is. But, now customers can easily go to online platforms and check with the reviews of the respective product.

So, they will have an idea of how good or ineffective the products are before making a purchase. It will prove to be a complete value for money. The retail employers will now have to deal with smart customers who know about the products already.

3. Technology

With time, online shopping has been upgraded with advanced technologies. Now the infusion of Artificial intelligence and Chatbots have made it easier to understand the behavior of the customers. The online platforms are now showcasing the products accordingly to them so that the chances of sale gets higher. This makes it convenient for the customers as well. One can get what they are looking for without having to spend time on research.

When it comes to retail outlets, it mostly depends upon how good the salesman is in getting hold of the customers. But, now even they are taking the technology route in understanding the customers. Some technologies help customers in assessing how a particular product fits on them. So, retail outlets are working out a way that can help customers get what they need! AI and Chatbots are certainly the way to go!

4. Mobile Phones

Now with online stores in your smartphones, you can shop from one store to another right in the comfort of your bedroom. Not only this, smartphones now help customers in getting to know about a particular product with ease. This allows them to make decisions a lot more clearly. Now retail executives know that they can’t lie about their products just for the sake of making a sale. One can avail every single information right on their phone itself.

When a customer is in the store, now they compare every single aspect related to the products available. This makes it easy for them to make a decision. Comparing and reviewing is not the new common that retail outlets need to deal with. So, whether it is about purchasing something to protect a mobile phone or a new phone itself, one needs to be honest about it. The shopkeepers can’t just say anything about their products as it can have a negative impact and affect their sales.

5. Doorstep Service

With the rise of the eCommerce industry, the shipping industry also became a huge hit. Yes, slow and steadily it also brought in huge benefits for the customers. In fact, from 2013 one can also avail of same day service facilities as well. How good is that? So, with time, things became convenient for customers as they were able to have their needs covered right within 24 hours.

Now, retail businesses can get a proper analysis of the data in the form of traffic, search history, shopping locations, pricing, and more. Accordingly, now they are designing their outlets and enhancing their shipping facilities. Now many are also using drones in shopping for the products in local areas. It will help customers get their products quickly and effectively.

6.Customer Engagement

When it comes to online engagement, it is way more than just following or liking a brand on a social media platform. Social media posts certainly create awareness, interaction, and most importantly engagement. So, the eCommerce businesses are making use of the technology with the infusion of AI and chatbots to engage with the new and present customers. It certainly leads them to higher conversions.

The impact of it has been witnessed in retail businesses around the world. They are surely looking for ways that can boost better customer experience that can lead to conversions. From using the technology to social media pages, every single aspect is being looked upon. The prime objective is to provide convenience to the customers.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt in stating that eCommerce is the way to move forward but, one just cannot right off the retail industry as well. The rise of the eCommerce industry has made things easy and convenient for customers. But, there is still a possibility of the retail industry to stand up and convince their audience. The use of technology holds the key! Giving customers what they need is the new trend and this needs to be focused hard! But, above they need to make their presence felt! Customer engagement and quality products can certainly make a difference as well.

All in all, things are moving in a good direction as customers are ultimately getting the benefit. From availing the convenience of doorstep service and the desired product, what else one needs! The effect of the eCommerce industry on retail is quite strong but, it has made them move in the right direction! Convenience is all we need!


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