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Homemade Ciabatta Gatsby – love at the first delicious bite


Looking for a quick, delicious lunch idea? A Homemade Ciabatta Gatsby will definitely win the “popularity” vote with the family. The word “Gatsby” conjures fond memories of warm summer afternoons against the backdrop of Table Mountain with a fully loaded Gatsby in the hand just bought by a street vendor. So divine!

Imagine a Homemade Ciabatta Gatsby filled with all your favourite goodies. We are talking about a tantalising combination of crispy lettuce, tender steak strips and oven-baked potato chips topped with Tabasco sauce and Ketchup. You can also try it with tasty, marinated chicken fillets cut into strips, fresh veggies and potato chips for another lip-smacking combination.

Traditionally, a Gatsby is a foot-long submarine sandwich. Street vendors and fast food restauranteers usually fill it with flavoursome food combinations. Then, they slice it into four portions. Hence, it is a well-liked “lunch-on-the-go” solution.

Make your own Homemade Ciabatta Gatsby with any combination of fresh ingredients. It is lots of fun and so satisfying.

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