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Segun Ige

SIR: God has been faithful to Nigeria in all ramifications. Those who are aged 60 know what it means to be 60. It’s not an easy journey. Many waters have passed under the bridge. Ask those who are 60 to say what’s kept them alive, strong and healthy. They will tell you God has been faithful and that it is by the mercy and grace of the Lord they are not consumed. We should be grateful to the One who has been keeping Nigeria from natural disasters and from collapsing. We should even more thank Him for delivering us from the novel coronavirus.

Let’s consider more reasons why God has been faithful. I thought Nigeria’s a developing country. Yes, many people believe Nigeria is a developing country because of a certain number of things. For example, we almost always hear of corruption and mismanagement allegations. Our political system is fraught with favouritism and frivolity. The cases of the EFCC chair, Ibrahim Magu, and UNILAG Vice-Chancellor Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe are indeed critical.

But have we spared a moment to consider what’s right now happening in the U.K. and U.S., the so-called developed nations, where many millionaire Nigerians have hidden their treasures and offspring?

I remember some Nigerians crying to be brought back home because of COVID-19. Up until now, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, even though he had been cautioned to “get a grip” because he was “winging it” and of pushing an “exit without strategy”, is devising means of strategically imposing stricter, tougher lockdown measures in certain areas of the country the coronavirus has “gotten grip of”. With the highest number of death tolls and cases, the U.S. under the Trump administration is facing systemic discrimination and institutional racism, particularly with the awful killing of the unarmed black American George Floyd. One would think black Americans wouldn’t be killed again, considering the radical international influence the death sparked on many European countries. Instead, many more machine-gun mechanisms are meted towards black Americans, whose lives do not seem to matter.

Hasn’t God been faithful to Nigeria, even at 60?

Many actually think we’re some religious group of men and women with stinking hypocrisy. They think our profession doesn’t match our character and conviction. They even go far to say that God doesn’t answer prayer, particularly the prayer of black people. It is easier seen than said.

Look at what’s befallen Belarus, for instance. For more than one month now, the country has been suffering from dire, devastating masochism and mayhem because of a disputed August 9 presidential election. President Alexander Lukashenko says he remains the president, and has inaugurated himself as such. Main opposition candidate, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, claims the election is grossly unfair and disproportionate. She has, with her vocal supporters who clamour that Lukashenko should step down, fled for dear life to Lithuania.

God has actually been faithful to Nigeria, even at 60, even with the numerous reports and findings that Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Yes, prices of food materials are high. Prices of staple foods have been seriously scaled up. Prices of decoders are now exorbitant. Electricity, petrol, bread, transportation, everything has increased. We just need to get accustomed to the new normal. Everything is new everywhere. We need to be new in our thinking. We need to be new in our spending. We need to be new in our savings. We are in the dawn of a new beginning.



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