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Garlic and Whole Peppercorn fillet – Butter basted and oh so good!


Do you want to cook a steak that would be welcome on any restaurant menu, but also gets high-fives from family members at dinner? Cooking a fillet steak should not be a scary experience, it should be simple and tasty.  Perfectly pan fried, this Garlic and Whole Peppercorn fillet will be the centrepiece at any dinner table.

Cooking a great fillet to perfection takes less time and effort than we think. Combine it with some pan-fried or oven-roasted veggies to make it into a wholesome meal. Spoon the remaining garlic and whole peppercorn sauce from the pan over the steak when presenting for an even tastier result.You can always add some roasted potatoes covered in the garlic and pepper sauce if there is any left in the pan. You can do this by pre-cooking some potatoes and crisp them up in the pan with the remaining sauce.

Such a superior cut of meat only deserves the best treatment. Melt in the mouth garlic and whole peppercorn fillet medallions have never been this easy to make!

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