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Clicks protests: EFF in KZN slams their detractors as ‘envious’


EFF Members at Clicks stores in the Durban CBD during the national shutdown of all Clicks outlets.

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  • The EFF in KwaZulu-Natal claims it successfully shut down many Clicks stores in major malls in Durban and surrounding areas.
  • Party leaders gathered at Clicks in Pixley KaSeme Street in the bustling Durban CBD.
  • Provincial leader Vusi Khoza vowed to continue the protest until Friday.

The EFF in KwaZulu-Natal has claimed to have shut down many Clicks stores in Durban and surrounding areas as part of its national protest against the retail pharmaceutical giant.

The EFF, as part of national protests on Monday, instructed its members to ensure Clicks stores throughout the country were shut down for the week, after an advert labelling natural black hair as dry and damaged emerged.

ROLLING COVERAGE | EFF members protest at Clicks stores across the country

Clicks have since apologised for the advert and suspended two employees.

KwaZulu-Natal EFF leader Vusi Khoza told News24 that most Clicks stores in Durban malls and surrounding areas had been shut down.

When News24 arrived at a Clicks in Pixley KaSeme Street in the Durban CBD, EFF supporters were blocking the entrance of the store. Some customers were seen leaving.

“It’s been very effective and very successful and we are going to sustain it until Friday, and make sure there is no business for Clicks as punishment,” Khoza said.

He further criticised the advert, saying:

The advert is in bad taste, provocative, insulting, degrading and downright racist. We are going to sustain this until Clicks succumbs.

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Khoza said there were still remnants of racism in most companies in South Africa.

“We observe that the issue of race relations in SA is really not managed properly. You get some racists who, without provocation, want to stir up disharmony.”

He said that racism also existed in companies throughout the country.

“Black people are the ones at the receiving end of blatant racism. We are not going to keep quiet. We are going to fight so that no racist is comfortable anywhere in SA.”

EFF backlash

Khoza also lashed out at the party’s detractors, particularly opposition parties who had condemned the EFF protest, saying they were racist.

“Other political parties are envious of EFF and must be kicking themselves, asking why they never did this first. We know that most of them are security guards of white monopoly capital.”

PICS | Protesters use hammers to break to doors of Clicks branch

He said they would not allow capitalists to “do as they wish here”.

“We have not done anything wrong. We are defending the dignity of black people. Other parties are comfortable with racism, the EFF is not, and we are going to make sure racists are not comfortable.”

Some protests on Monday occurred without incident, while others turned violence. Clicks on Monday said that 425 stores had been hit by the protests. At least seven experienced violence and damage.

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