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Chris Forlee out as CEO of energy regulator Nersa


The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has terminated the appointment of its Chief Executive Officer, Chris Forlee, according to a letter signed by the regulator’s chair Jacob Modise.

Nersa is is responsible for regulating the country’s electricity sector by approving tariffs and issuing licenses. 

The termination of Forlee’s appointment follows on from his suspension in April. Before a date for his disciplinary inquiry could be set, Forlee proposed a settlement, which was negotiated and led to the termination of his appointment, according to the letter.

“The termination follows an agreement that was reached by Nersa and Forlee. The details of the agreement remain undisclosed as per the terms of the termination agreement,” it states. 

The letter said that while Nersa initiates a process to appoint a replacement CEO on a permanent basis, the group’s Executive Manager of Corporate Services, Advocate Nomalanga Sithole, will serve as acting CEO with administrative powers only.


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