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Apple Crumble Mini Cheesecake – Sweet and Delicious, a must-try!


Did you know that you can combine two of your favourite desserts together and make something new? How about making them smaller for the perfect tea-time snack? This Apple Crumble Mini Cheesecake recipe will blow your mind! This recipe is perfect for tea-time or a dinner party sweet treat.

Chances are high that you already have all of the ingredients in your home as well. With oats, butter, cream cheese, yogurt, condensed milk and some apples you have a simple ingredient list for a dessert that will get your guests talking about it for weeks to come.

Combine these Apple Crumble Mini Cheesecake snacks with your favourite aromatic tea, like chai, and you’ll get the taste of the holiday season.

It’s sweet, crunchy and easy to prepare. Apple crumble and cheesecake are definitely combined to become the ultimate dessert.  Sweet and delicious, a must-try. 

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