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Africa: Inconclusion, Is Africa Open and Truthful About Herself?


Who Am I?

I was born in one country, but I found my life in another. Nigeria, however, molded my foundation, America shaped it, the world fine-tuned and polished it up. Hence, I am very grateful for the opportunities, and it puts me in a unique position to analyze these issues intensively critically. I am a veteran advocate for Africa’s unity and development, both in Africa and in the diaspora.

Africa should have the will and audacity to critically focus on “how to do it”rather than “whatto do”; to keep Africa at the top of the world stage in every aspect. Africans are no longer respected by non-Africans, both at home and abroad, and our identities are not internationally valued. Until Africans feel at home anywhere in the world, Africa will continue hearing the wailing of her many children everywhere, and anywhere.

It is no longer acceptable for Africa to be a vulnerable and abused continent that has taken on the unfortunate image that necessitates a variety of voices speaking on her behalf in terms of governance,corruption, economy, health, education, justice, human rights, and a host of other challenges.

It is time for Africa to stop depending on the West or East for basic things such as food when Africa has a diversity of land, climate, and arable space to feed the world and beyond. It is a new dawn; Africa must repackage herself and strive to take her pride of place among the comity of Nations.

This task must continue, until Africa, wakes up to the new realities and challenges facing all Africans both in Africa and the diaspora.

And, Is Africa as earnest as she boasts for change?

God Bless Africa!

Dr. Bamidele Adeoye, IS & ERM

Research Consultant &Adjunct (CIST)


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