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Africa: A Plea to America – Stop Treating People of Color Like Dirt

The Editor,

This seems to be a badge of honor that has not been honored or given much relevance by the Slave Masters in 400 years!

Look at what happened to Martin Luther King, Jr., to Malcolm X, to Jesse Jackson, to Shirley Chisholm, to countless other black Americans, real descendants of slavery in America, who were snubbed and or murdered for their constitutional rights to benefit from the American dream.

And so to charge or to insinuate that Kamala Harris or Barack Obama is not African-American enough to be president or vice president of the United States of America, is another big distraction and denigration of black people.

What I have come to observe and indisputably so, and especially during this era, is that Japanese in America can look back at Japan and be proud; Chinese in America can look back at China and be proud; Russians in America can look back at Russia and be proud; the British and French in America can look back at Britain and France and be proud; people from Australia in America can look back at Australia and be proud; and, even people from Dubai in America can look back at Dubai and be profoundly proud of what their country has achieved.

This is not the case for Africans in America or anywhere else in the world. We cannot look back at Africa and garner the pride that others have of their countries or continents.

It is obvious that America is afraid of competition. When Russia sent someone beyond the horizon into space, America got serious about the space program “not because it was easy, but because it was hard.” If you want America to respect you and your kind, you must be highly competitive and successful. That’s what China has done; that’s what Japan has done; in a way, that’s what Russia has done and India too. Look at South Korea!

As for Africa and Africans, allowing others to exploit the land and continent has been the only way forward for a time in memorial. Others sell guns to our kind to kill one another. Our competition is not for the greater good but rather, to sow confusion and discord among our kind, giving the competitive minds more and wide open leeway to exploit and divide us.

One way to stop the killing of our kind in America, treating our kind like dirt in other parts of the world, is for us to take off the dark veil that has kept Africans spineless and nothing more but toothless, barking bulldogs for so many centuries.

The continent is rich with everything needed to be competitive. We have men and women who can do far, far better than what is being done today. Africans need a serious collective effort to become competitive and successful in order to stop the human exploitation and degradation of our kind.