Welcome to the Equity War

President Biden outputs executive orders like a popcorn machine. His latest bucketful goes a long way toward clarifying the politics of our time.

On June 25 Mr. Biden issued an order to “advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in the federal workforce.” Meaning every nook they can find in American life.

A phrase like “diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility” is what’s known as a political narrative—a brief, repeatable description of political goals whose implicit message is: Who could be against this? It is not an overstatement to say the future of the world will rise and fall on whether these pablum-like narratives can be turned into hard policy.

“Save the planet” was one of the most successful. Rising alongside is DEI (“accessibility” is a Bidenized addition). Set aside the D- and I-words. The battle of our time is over the E-word—equity.

Unlike diversity and inclusion, both unmeasurable sentiments, equity is an economic concept. It posits that some have more economic wealth, and some have less. The “some” may be individuals or nations. Equity’s goal is to impose policies by fiat intended to close “disparities.”

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