Bachelorette Katie Defends Letting Blake Join Her Season After DM Chat – E! Online

After surprising Blake at his room, Katie told him, “For me, I have to really follow my gut and everything, and given where things are at and how I’m feeling, if you wanna stay, I’d like you to join and see if this becomes something.” 

Blake, of course, was delighted, and he learned he would be moving into the house the following day. Based on previews for next week’s episode, Blake is not going to be a welcome presence among the other guys. 

For her part, Katie has yet to post about Blake on social media since the episode aired on the East Coast. However, Blake shared plenty of his own thoughts to Twitter as the action played out.

“F–k I feel pressure,” he tweeted just after the start of the episode. Ivan Hall, a fellow standout from Tayshia’s season, replied, “Built for this [flexing emoji],” leading Blake to respond with a fist-bump emoji.

As to be expected, viewers posted plenty of quips to social media about Blake returning to the show. One fan tweeted, “So Blake has been ready to marry 3 women since the start of the pandemic and I haven’t even committed to going back to the office yet.”

Another individual posted, “When the guys think Thomas is their problem and then Blake Moynes walks in,” adding a meme of a confused child. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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