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Listen: Billy Ray Cyrus woes Hip-Hop fans on ‘Old Town Road’ remake [audio]

Billy Ray Cyrus has hopped off the saddle with a viral hit, thanks to the youthful energy that Lil Nas X brought to the stable with his song, Old Town Road.

As reported by Pitchfork, the two generations of musicians have bent and twisted the country music genre into a new shape, one that is sonically appealing to a young crowd of urban music lovers.

Billy Ray Cyrus shows support to Lil Nas X

As revolutionary as the song became, it also attracted some controversy. Billboard, soon after including the Lil Nas X single on its country charts, quickly removed it.

This controversial move sparked outrage in the global music community, with people calling out the music charts authority for being bringing racial stereotypes to music.

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Even good ol’ Ray Cyrus chimed in support of his young trap protege with a “welcome to the club of outlaws” tweet.

Old Town Road remix makes it back on Billboard country charts

Feeling the pressure, Billboard reconsidered its choice and re-entered the song in its country charts, categorically denying that the move was racially motivated.

The fusion of the solid trap 808 drums and Cyrus’ skill on the guitar gave rise to an alternative Pop song and the world is loving it.

Here is some reaction to Lil Nas X’s first hit record:

Listen: Lil Nas X – Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus (Remix)

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